Phantasmagoric Figueres | Catalunya

• A ceiling in the Wind Palace / Salvador Dali Theatre-Museum / Figueres, Catalunya, Spain

Dali depicts himself and his wife, Gala, his eternal muse. At the far end, the couple surveys their “ship of destiny,” which is about to launch.

Dali is buried in the museum – beneath a geodesic dome cupola above a stage he had performed on as a boy (the museum was built around the stage). So for many Dali devotees, a trek to the museum is not just a journey – it’s a pilgrimage.

Wind Palace Ceiling / R. Daniel Foster

Figueres’ Dali museum is termed “the world’s largest surrealist object.” It is.  Dali designed everything in the museum, which he considered as his last and largest work.

The area’s “Dali Triangle” also includes Dali’s home workshop, the Dali House-Museum in Portlligat, and the Gala Dalí Castle.

Salvador Dali / Dali Theatre-Museum

Dali Theatre-Museum

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