El Transparente | Toledo, Spain

I walked into Toledo’s 13th-century Gothic cathedral, looked up, and saw that someone had blasted a hole in the ceiling.

I love novelty – when someone simply does something – new.

Here’s Narciso Tome’s El Transparente, based on photographs I shot in Toledo, Spain.

Toledo is a short 74 km (46 miles) drive from Madrid. Or get there even faster by train.

• Learn more about Toledo.  • Spain’s official tourism site.

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La Victoire de la Liberte

I came across this Salvador Dali riff on the Statue of Liberty in late 2016. I spied it after walking through Cadaques after a lunch on the bay. It was a nice hit of surrealism, as only Dali can deliver.

I shot just two photos of Dali’s liberty;  both are in this piece. In video production, you can do a lot with little.

As a boy, Salvador Dali visited Cadaques, and as an adult, he lived in the adjacent village of Portlligat, along with his muse and wife, Gala. The Dali house museum in Portlligat (where Dali worked until 1982) is packed with more surreal surprises.

The town of Cadaques is located along the Mediterranean on Catalunya’s Costa Brava.

• Spain’s official tourism site.

Cadaques / Gabriele Delhey

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